Kärcher HDS Cage Hot Water Pressure Washer
  • SKU: 1.575-511.0

Kärcher HDS Cage Hot Water Pressure Washer


Rugged and built strong, the HDS Cage hot water pressure washer from Kärcher is built on a strong 1-1/4" powder coated steel frame, sitting on flat-free tires, allowing for easy transport on the construction site, farm, factory, or anywhere where electricity is available.

The HDS Cage series features a Kärcher direct-drive crankcase-style pump with a limited 7-year warranty. The industrial-grade motor and 1/2" schedule 80 heating coil power the HDS cage series.


  • Industrial-grade, tri-plunger, oil-bath, direct-drive, Kärcher pump with 7-year warranty.
  • 50 feet of durable, wire braid hose rated for 3000 PSI and with hose guard for burst.
  • Safety relief valve attached to discharge side for protection against excess pressure build up.
  • Insulated schedule 80 heating coil - made from 1/2" steel pipe and cold-rolled; comes standard with stainless steel coil wrap.

All HDS Cage models are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

Technical Data

 Model HDS 2.0/10 Ed Cage Model HDS 1.9/15 Ed Cage Model HDS 3.5/20 Ea Cage
Part No. 1.575-511.0 Part No. 1.575-512.0 Part No. 1.575-513.0
2.1 GPM 1.9 GPM 3.5 GPM
1000 PSI 1500 PSI 2000 PSI
1.5 Horsepower 2 Horsepower 5 Horsepower
120V / 1ph 120V / 1ph 230V / 1ph
15 Amps 20 Amps 22 Amps
Kärcher KF Kärcher KF Kärcher KF
Weight: 480 lbs Weight: 480 lbs Weight: 500 lbs
29L x 27W x 44H 29L x 27W x 44H 29L x 27W x 44H