Kärcher S 650 Outdoor Push Sweeper
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Kärcher S 650 Outdoor Push Sweeper


The Kärcher S 650 Outdoor Push Sweeper allows users to sweep up to five times faster than with a conventional brush, while being easy on your back.The sturdy and corrosion-resistant sweeper has a total sweeping width of 650 mm and features a powerful roller and two side brushes.

The S 650 push sweeper draws waste directly into the 16-liter waste bin, delivering outstanding cleaning results. The sweeper is extremely easy to handle as well as empty, while allowing for no contact with dirt captured in the waste bin. A height-adjustable push handle with two height positions allows for easy adjustment for the operator.


  • Adjustable push handle
  • Stand-alone waste container
  • Comfortable carrying handle


  • Number of side brushes, 2 pieces
  • Ergonomic push handle
  • 2-fold height-adjustable push handle
  • Storage position
  • Stand-alone waste container

Technical Data:

Working width with side brush (mm) 650 
Max. area performance (m2/h) 1800
Casing/frame Plastic/Plastic
Weight, ready to use (kg) 9,7
Waste container (L) 16
Recommended for areas over (m2) 40