Kärcher HDS PE Cage Hot Water Pressure Washer
  • SKU: 1.575-615.0

Kärcher HDS PE Cage Hot Water Pressure Washer


The HDS PE Cage is a durable, compact, skid-mounted hot water pressure washer that is designed for optimum cleaning performance at remote locations. The Kärcher 12V downdraft burner system is compact and more than 92% efficient when it comes to heat transfer. This means water gets heated faster and with much less fuel, allowing for greatly increased running times.

With a 7-year pump warranty, EPA compliance, and a dependable Honda gas-powered engine (electric-start), all wrapped in a heavy-gauge 1-1/4" steel frame, the HDS PE Cage is built to last.

All HDS PE Cage models feature durable belt-drive crankcase-style pumps, and are all certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

  • All Weather Protection
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Forklift Guides
  • Coil Scale Inhibiting System
  • 11 Gallon Diesel & Gas Tanks
  • Low-Fuel Shut-off