Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

The new Victory Electrostatic Sprayers are a revolutionary solution in infection control. These systems utilize electrostatic technology to evenly coat surfaces and provide complete disinfection of surfaces. With 2X the charge over other electrostatic sprayers on the market, the disinfection process is reduced by 50% compared to the conventional methods.

A new level of clean.

Experience 70% Time Savings – Victory Sprayers have an application time of 2 minutes compared to 10 minutes with trigger sprayers.

Use 65% Less Chemicals - Victory Sprayers use 12oz of chemicals compared to 38oz with trigger sprayers.

 Victory Handheld Sprayer

Victory Sprayer


Victory Backpack Sprayer

Victory Backpack Sprayer

Environize Disinfecting Foggers

Environize Disinfecting Fogger Machines utilize hypochlorous acid fog sanitizer that is antimicrobial and kills bacteria, viruses, germs, and microbial spores. It is between 80 to 120 times more effective than bleach for sanitization, while also being a non-hazardous product that is safe on and around marine, plant, human, and animal life. The hypochlorous acid fog solution is biodegradable, environmentally conscious, and controls a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens and difficult to kill biofilms.

Sanitizer Fog Machine


How does a Environize Fogger use hypochlorous acid to clean?

  • Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the most effective disinfectant in the chlorine family available in RTU solution.
  • HOCL is 80 to 120 times more efficacious than sodium hypochlorite, AKA OCI.
  • HOCL at pH neutral is non-hazardous, non-whmis regulated, non-toxic, leaves zero residue, and is not harmful to humans, plants, animals or marine life.
  • The HOCL solution is antimicrobial formed from naturally occuring elements. 
  • HOCL attacks and kills a wide range of microbial organisms, including bacteria, viruses, germs, and microbial spores. 

Transit Service STO in Gatineau, Que

The Problem:

STO transit service located in Gatineau was unable to effectively sanitize their bus fleet. STO followed Health Canada guidelines and used a bleach and water mix to clean their buses, however after a short time several employees showed signs of skin irritation as well as breathing problems.

STO then switched to hospital grade sanitizing wipes, however quickly found that too many wipes were being used to clean a bus. This lead to a time consuming and expensive method to sanitize their busses.

The Solution:

STO switched to incorporating the Environize ULV Fogger into their cleaning methods for sanitization. For the first procedure, each bus first had their floors swept and pressure washed, while soiled surfaces were wiped down. The Environize ULV Fogger was now ready to take over cleaning from that point on, using non-toxic and all natural Environize Anolyte 50 ULV Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer. 

The Results:

STO efficiently sanitizes each bus within two minutes, saving countless hours and allowing for a much safer environment for employees. STO also found that purchasing 208 liter barrels of Environize Anolyte 50 ULV Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer has proved to be extremely cost effective. 

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