Shop professional grade equipment that stands up to the rigorous demands of commercial cleaning. Explore a wide selection of Kärcher floor scrubbers, sweepers, window vacuums, misters, multi surface cleaners and burnishers. 


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Floor Care Equipment (29)

Kärcher Floor Scrubber BRS 40/ 1000 C

Kärcher Walk Behind, Sweeper KM 85/50 W Bp

Kärcher WVP 10 Window and Surface Cleaner

Kärcher’s Hospital-Grade Misting System PS 4/7 Bp

Kärcher AP 100/50 M Cleaning Unit

Kärcher Vacuum Sweeper KM 100/100 R Bp

Kärcher Walk-Behind Sweeper KM 75/40 W Bp

Kärcher Vacuum Sweeper KM 70/30 C Bp Adv

Sweeper KM 70/20 C

Kärcher BDP Burnisher

Kärcher Radiant Floor Polishing Machine Chariot™ 2 iGloss 20 (With Orbital Technology)

Radiant With Orbital Technology

Kärcher BDS Single/Dual Speed Floor Machines

Scrubber Drier BR 30/4 C

Kärcher Floor Scrubber Drier BR 30/4 C Floor

Kärcher Scrubber Drier BR 40/10 C Adv Floor Machine