Cleaning Needs Analysis

Having trouble finding the best cleaning equipment for your needs? We can help you find the right balance of value and efficiency in your cleaning equipment. 

We conduct free on-site cleaning needs analysis for the following:

  • Commercial Cleaning Equipment
  • Wash Bay Design & Installation

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Keeping an office building, warehouse or other facility clean is only manageable with the right type of cleaning equipment. On a site visit we identify what your cleaning needs are, recommend the ideal cleaning equipment, and explain the requirements. As a part of your cleaning needs analysis our commercial cleaning equipment specialists would be happy to give you a demonstration of our line of Kärcher commercial vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, steam cleaners, and other floor cleaning equipment. We will help you find the commercial cleaning equipment that your business can depend on.

Wash Bay Design & Installation

Since each location is unique, our highly trained wash bay technicians can come to your location to provide a complete evaluation of your needs and recommend cost-saving wash bay solutions. First, our technicians will survey the area, advise you on plumbing and electrical configurations and evaluate the type of equipment and vehicles that are to be cleaned. Based on our findings, we will then provide a customized solution with recommendations for recycling waste water. We can review your current wash bay facility or recommend a solution for a brand new facility.

Simplify your cleaning needs – clean and simple!

Contact us today to schedule a cleaning needs analysis.