Cleaning Equipment Repairs

Need your commercial cleaning equipment repaired or tuned-up? We are proud to be the repair service choice for the leading companies in the commercial cleaning industry. With fast repairs and tune-ups, your machines will be running like new, have a longer life, and leave a higher quality of clean.

Our highly trained technicians can service repair:

  • Commercial Pressure Washers
  • Any Size Floor Scrubbers
  • Floor Sweepers
  • Commercial Vacuums
  • Parts Washers
  • And More!

Custom Cleaning Solutions

Have unique cleaning needs? Our technical cleaning experts custom design and install virtually any cleaning equipment in your wash bay, facility, or even mobile wash truck.

Cleaning Needs Analysis

Need help with selecting the best cleaning equipment for your needs? Our team of service specialists will come to you to conduct a free on-site cleaning needs analysis.

Getting the right mix of capacity and value can be tricky. Getting equipment that is too small will leave your staff working overtime to clean, while getting equipment that's too big will simply cost more; we help you to determine the perfect equipment that will keep costs controllable, while allowing for the most efficient cleaning possible. 

Are you a cleaning professional that is unsure of what type of cleaning equipment they need? We can help! With service trucks serving the Ottawa, Cornwall and Brockville area, we would be happy to come to you.

Our team is always ready to help, so contact us and get a free on-site analysis.

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