How to Disinfect and Sanitize Surfaces

Environize Anolyte Hypochlorous Acid is an ideal disinfectant and sanitizer for many industries, including hospitals, food processing facilities, day cares, public space and transportation, as well as being the number one choice of disinfecting in the Cannabis Industry.

The advantages of disinfecting and sanitization with Hypochlorous Acid is that is is certified organic, non-WHMIS regulated, non-toxic, and leaves zero residue. It also has been found to be far superior to any other disinfectant or sanitizer, being 100 times more effective than bleach.

How to Apply Anolyte Disinfectant

  1. Spray the area needing to be disinfected with an RTU disinfectant - like Environize Disinfectants.
  2. Ensure a fine mist is applied, or use a moist microfiber cloth and lightly wipe the surface - Do not over wet
  3. Wipe, by dry, or air dry the disinfected area after 2 minutes of contact exposure - If wiping use a clean and dry microfiber towel
  4. Wipe any over-wet contact surface immediately!

How to Use A Fog Sanitizer

  1. Use an Environize Ultra Dry Max Fogger and use as directed, allowing for maximum coverage of air and surfaces.
  2. Do not over fogWhen a light haze is visible in the room, turn off the fogger. 
  3. Do not exceed 10 minutes of fogging. Over fogging will create light moisture on walls, ceilings, and floors. 
  4. Wipe any surfaces that are over-wet using a clean microfiber cloth immediately. 


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