Ottawa’s High Pressure Washer Repair and Maintenance

Hot & Cold Water Pressure Washers

The reliable cleaning experts at Hawthorne Cleaning Systems can service your on-site industrial systems, whether you're experiencing a breakdown, or need general maintenance. We are experts in servicing commercial and industrial applications. Inquire about Hawthorne’s service plans, which work to prevent major problems in a way that fits your organization and budget. They will also help considerably lengthen the life of your equipment. We’ve been providing Ottawa pressure washer repair services since 2009.

Pressure Washer Maintenance Services Include:

  • On-site repair for pressure washers
  • Kärcher pressure washer parts and components available
  • Repairs, installations and preventative maintenance plans

On-Site Repair for Pressure Washers

Regardless of your location, Hawthorne's highly qualified technicians perform on-site or in-house repairs for cleaning equipment, including hot and cold water pressure washers. Our service techs are factory trained and certified to perform service and repair on Kärcher pressure washers.

Pressure Washer Parts, Components and New Equipment

With a large inventory of equipment and parts available, customers needing a repair or a new piece of equipment will experience minimal downtime. As an authorized dealer of Kärcher, the world’s largest commercial cleaning equipment manufacturer, Hawthorne Cleaning Systems is known for delivering high-quality, durable and efficient cleaning solutions at competitive prices.

Pressure Washer Service Plans and Tune-Ups

Protect your investment from downtime with scheduled maintenance inspections ensuring that your equipment operates safely and at optimum levels. If you use your pressure washer often, we highly recommend regular pressure washer service.

5 Advantages of proper equipment maintenance:

  1. Increases equipment uptime
  2. Enhances efficiency when running
  3. Reduces overall costs
  4. Improves the lifespan of the equipment
  5. Maintains the value of the equipment

Hawthorne’s pressure washer tune-up service includes pump, engine, coil, burner assembly, natural gas and electrical components, and parts and accessories for leaks or damage.

Choose from scheduled maintenance plans designed specifically for you. Preventative measures will extend the life of your system, whether you use your pressure washer daily or only a few times a month.

Avoid costly repairs to your power washing systems - set up a preventative maintenance plan with Hawthorne Cleaning Systems today!

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