Kärcher HD Super Class - Cold Water, Pressure Washer
  • SKU: 1.286-909.0

Kärcher HD Super Class - Cold Water, Pressure Washer


The HD Super Class of cold water pressure washers are built for tough jobs in non-stop use cleaning. The highly reliable Kärcher HD Super Class provides indispensable performance, ideal for use in construction, agricultural, forestry, and industrial sectors, as well as at municipal facilities.

The HD Super Class features a Kärcher Axial pump and an incredible 7-year pump warranty, meaning years of cleaning power. 

Meets eco!efficiency standards, as well as UL and CSA safety standards.

Standard Accessories:

  • EASY-Force trigger gun - 4.118-005.0
  • 41" spray lance - 4.112-000.0
  • 50' EASY-Lock hose with ANTI-Twist connection - 6.110-030.0
  • Power nozzle, 045 (for machine 1.286-908.0) - 2.113-022.0
  • Power nozzle, 055 (for machine 1.286-909.0) - 2.113-025.0
  • Servo Press controller - 4.118-008.0