Kärcher BD 38/12 C BP
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Kärcher BD 38/12 C BP


The Kärcher BD 38/12 C BP is a steerable scrubber that is designed to allow for the easiest driving of a walk-behind disk scrubber on the market. The oil-resistant squeegee follows behind the disk to ensure 100% solution pickup, even through corners.

Features Include:

  • Extremely agile design allowing for efficient cleaning of small and very furnished areas
  • Simple operation - scrub right up to walls
  • Quick charging lithium-ion battery that has a longer lifetime than normal batteries
  • Very compact, light and easy to transport and roll over steps
  • Suitable in noise sensitive areas, as operational noise levels are significantly reduced 

Technical Features:

Cleaning path/width in 15
Brush type cylindrical/disc/pad disc
Brush quantity units 1
Suction bar (squeegee) width in 16
Drive pad-assist/traction brush-assist
Solution/recovery capacity gal 3.2/3.2
Theoretical/practical productivity sq. ft/hr 16,360/12,270
Operating noise level - std/Eco! mode dBA 65/62
Battery charger shelf/on-board on-board
Battery runtime min 60-120
Battery charging time hrs 2-3
Battery lifetime-est charging cycles x thousands 3
Brush contact pressures lbs 35-46
Brush speed rpm 180/150
Vac motor rating watts 280
Vac motor suction cfm 42
Waterlift In of water 32
Weight with batteries lbs 79
Dimensions (LxWxH) In 37 x 30 x 51


Included Accessories:

6.907-151.0 Disc brush, red
6.654-294.0 Lithium-Ion battery, 21 Ah
4.037-059.0 Squeegee blades, made from transparent and oil resistant polyurethane, includes front and rear blade