Kärcher Scrubber Drier BR 30/4 C Floor Machine
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Kärcher Floor Scrubber Drier BR 30/4 C Floor


Battery-operated and thus free from cords and the tripping hazards associated with them, our BD 30/4 C Bp Pack ultra compact scrubber drier gives an impressive performance on small areas of up to 300 m². Whether on natural or artificial stone, epoxy resin, linoleum or PVC: significantly faster and more thorough than cleaning by hand, the machine also suctions in reverse if needed and, thanks to the rotary squeegees, in all other manoeuvres as well. The well-designed and extremely simple operating concept with colour-coded control elements can also be seen in the quick and easy replacement of the powerful and quickly rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Incidentally, the machine's light weight of only about 20 kilograms facilitates its use on different floors, even when there is no lift.

Features and Benefits

Powerful lithium-ion battery, including
Completely maintenance-free, with a battery life several times longer than that of conventional batteries. Trouble-free partial or intermediate charging possible.

Minimal dimensions
Low space requirements for storage. Can also be transported in passenger vehicles.Scrubber drier BD 30/4 C 

Curved squeegee
Reliable suction of water, even in tight curves. Backward suction also possible, if needed. Including soft, oil-resistant polyurethane squeegee.

Small, external battery charger, including
Easy to store.
Can be used in any power outlet.
Makes possible short charging times.

Consistently high-quality components and materials
Lock and chassis made of high-quality aluminium.
Robust, durable quality.

Economical eco!efficiency mode
Helps save on water and prolongs battery run time.
Saves costs through longer cleaning intervals and reduced cleaning agent consumption.
Reduces the operating noise.

Extremely compact, agile and manoeuvrable
Efficient cleaning of small and highly cluttered surfaces.
Adjustable handle makes it possible to move away from walls at a 90° angle.

Low machine weight (20 kg)
Facilitates transport.
No lift needed for use on different floors.
Can be easily stowed in a car by one person.


  • Disc brush
  • 2-tank system
  • Battery
  • Battery and built-in charger included
  • Transport wheels

        Technical Features:

        Working width of brushes (mm) 280
        Working width, vacuuming (mm) 325
        Rated input power (W) max. 240
        Max. area performance (m²/h) 900
        Battery (V/Ah) 36.5 / 5.2
        Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 4 / 4
        Brush contact pressure (g/cm²/kg) 20 / 10
        Brush rotational speed (rpm) 150
        Weight incl. packaging (kg) 24
        Weight (with accessories) (kg) 21.1
        Weight (without accessories) (kg) 19.8
        Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 555 x 375 x 1050


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