Second Story Spray Nozzle Kit
  • SKU: 8.641-032.0

Second Story Spray Nozzle Kit


Need to clean second story floors on your home? This nozzle kit allows you to both apply detergent and rinse overhead areas at high pressure with ease. 

Compatible with Karcher gas and select electric (K1700-K2000) pressure washers, as well as most brands of pressure washers equipped with Quick Connect spray wands (rated up to 4000 PSI)

2nd Story QC Nozzle Kit w/ 1/4" QC

Compatible Machines:

G 2700 R
G 2900 X
G 3000 X
G 3000 XK

G 3100 XH
G 3200 X
G 3200 XK
G 3500 OHT

G 3800 OHT
G 4000 OH
K 2000

G 2200
G 2600 VH
G 2700
G 3000
G 3000 K

G 3000 OH
G 3050 OHC
G 3200 OC
G 3200 OCT
G 3200 OH
G 3200 XC
G 3200 XH
G 3500 OCT